Greg Llewellyn and Mark Edwards

In 2014, Muzzleloader changed it's band name to Heretical.Symphonic after their 2011 Muzzleloader album titled Heretical Symphonic.  There is a 15 song album posted called The Cube on the Heretical.Symphonic page here on Musical Family Tree.

Original Muzzleloader bio:  For Mark Edwards and Greg Llewellyn, coming together to form Muzzleloader was both spontaneous and in some ways a long time in the making.  Having played together back in the mid-90s around Indiana and having not heard from each other since then, the decision to start writing and recording together in the fall of 2009 was an unexpected surprise.   If you ask either of them to describe their music they may make some references to gun powder; but they could also describe overlapping musical interests that include bands such as Jane’s Addiction, Depeche Mode, Guided By Voices, and Siouxsie and the Banshees.  From the beginning, Muzzleloader was viewed as a collaborative project.  Since only the two of them make up the band, Mark and Greg write, perform, record, and produce the albums together bringing with them their own unique qualities to the table. While Mark brings a moody, poetic and lyrical sensibility to the vocal arrangements, Greg hammers down the guitar riffs and polishes off the sound with smooth and intricate production work.  The overall effect is more than the sum of the parts. The writing process usually starts with long, intensive, jam sessions that yielded the core riffs of the music.

Mark Edwards also records music under the name Seria Mau.  Greg Llewellyn is also in the bands FM Fiction, $100 Handgun, and The Olympic Hopefuls and co-owns the Little Montana Records record label with Jason Powell.  Heretical.Symphonic, FM Fiction, $100 Handgun, The Olympic Hopefuls, and Little Montana Records (featuring LMR recording artists Seria Mau, Hello Cowboy, and Jim Canyon) each have their own pages here on Musical Family Tree.


2014 NYE mixes

4 songs

Already Dead
Buckshot Lovers
We Come In Peace