The Olympic Hopefuls

Greg Llewellyn and Jason Powell

From the depths of the Bloomington, Indiana underground to the top soil of Lowell, Indiana's fertile bed of corn at the Little Montana Compound comes The Olympic Hopefuls.  The Olympic Hopefuls were made up of equal parts Jason Powell and Greg Llewellyn who traded off on lead vocals and equally shared music composing and songwriting duties.  OH started out in Bloomington, Indiana in the mid-90s during college and then later moved to Lowell.  Greg also records solo as FM Fiction and is currently in the band Heretical.Symphonic.  Jason records under the names Jim Canyon and Hello Cowboy which can be found on the Little Montana Records record label page here on Musical Family Tree.  Jason and Greg started the idea of Little Montana Records as a grassroots record label, originally freely handing out handmade cassettes and then later CDs as digital recording became available.  Their original motto was "Free Love" with "unauthorized reproduction is highly encouraged" printed on each release.  Together, they were also in the rock band $100 Handgun from Lowell and the intergalactic truckstop rock band Shepherd To Lost Sheep from Bloomington, Indiana in the mid-90s.  The Olympic Hopefuls find the two in a more stripped down setting to tell tales and strum you a tune.   Pull up a chair!



The Olympic Hopefuls

14 songs

01 Sparrows
02 Strangers
03 Remo
04 Whippoorwill
05 Sneeze
06 Men Of Steel
07 New Soles
08 Where You Wanna Go
09 Carefree
10 Secret Just For Friends
11 Concentrate For Everyone
12 Don't Let The Cats Out
13 New Keyboard
14 Farther Still