Little Montana Records

Greg Llewellyn and Jason Powell

Together in the mid '90s, Greg Llewellyn and Jason Powell started releasing homemade cassette tapes of their various bands and recording projects and freely passed them out with "free love" as their motto.  Based out of Bloomington and Indianapolis Indiana, they started releasing CDs in the late '90s when home digital recording became affordable and scribed "unauthorized reproduction is highly encouraged" on the back of each release.  Most of the releases on Little Montana Records feature either Greg or Jason or both.  Some of the bands are FM Fiction, Heretical.Symphonic (formerly known as Muzzleloader), $100 Handgun, The Olympic Hopefuls, Hello Cowboy, Jim Canyon, Seria Mau, Shepherd To Lost Sheep, Hell Is A Terrible Place Where Fire Is., and The Momma's Boys.

FM Fiction, Heretical.Symphonic, Muzzleloader, $100 Handgun, and The Olympic Hopefuls each have their own pages here on Musical Family Tree.


Hello Cowboy - Moon Music

17 songs

01 What A Shame
02 Angel In Florida
03 Riot In Rainbow Village
04 North Carolina, No!
05 Lowering The Shields
06 The Boy Who Couldn't Sing
07 Carefree Days
08 No Cosmic Reason
09 All's Well On Haunted Hill
10 Dave Found The Moon
11 Hail To The Chump
12 Limestone Rocks Or Rubies
13 Indian Head Penny
14 Play A Game
15 Caged Gorilla
16 Sailing With Captain Ugly
17 Love For Life

Hello Cowboy - Life In A Peaceful New World

11 songs

01 The Story of Jim Canyon's Relationships With Women
02 Human Population
03 Big Sky Country
04 Slippery Highway
05 Ghengis Kahn And George Washington
06 Lucky One
07 It's A Little Overwhelming When The World Has Thrown You Away
08 Men Of Steel
09 Laugh Alone
10 Revolution Island
11 Not Really About Robots

Jim Canyon - The Right Kind Of Guy

13 songs

01 Pull And Pray
02 Good Luck Charm
03 You And Paul
04 The Light
05 Sheila's Shoes
06 Jim's Last Stand
07 Wolves In The City
08 Forget My Name
09 You Saw It
10 Pretty Things
11 Lady Of The Woods
12 Bartender's Blues
13 Heartbreak

Seria Mau - Metal Phantoms

14 songs

01 Wedding Bells
02 Phantom Stones
03 The Dry Dock
04 Take It Right
05 Jailbird
06 Ambition
07 Robot Warriors In Disguise
08 Momentum
09 Dirty Rising
10 The Last Hurrah
11 Space Eraser
12 Love Pretending
13 Not The Reason
14 Strained Ellipses

Seria Mau - The Two-Step Rangers

16 songs

01 Here Come The Friends
02 Falling Down
03 Two Step Ranger
04 The Fading Light
05 Since You
06 You Need From Me
07 Waiting To Be Free
08 Blue Baby Doll
09 Space Captain Next
10 Sister Mary
11 Wasted On My Lies
12 Sandplay Theories
13 Letters To The Ages
14 Jimmy Two Shoes
15 The Newest Transfer
16 Some Other Time