Greg Llewellyn and Mark Edwards

Heretical Symphonic (formerly known as Muzzleloader) is equal parts Greg Llewellyn and Mark Edwards who write, perform, record, and produce the music together.

Mark Edwards also records music as Seria Mau.  Greg Llewellyn records under the name FM Fiction as a solo project.  With long-time friend Jason Powell, Greg started the Little Montana Records label and together the two are also in $100 Handgun and The Olympic Hopefuls.  FM Fiction, $100 Handgun, The Olympic Hopefuls, and Little Montana Records (which some of it's recording artists are featured on their LMR MFT page). Each have their own pages here on Musical Family Tree, linked in the related bands section at the bottom or by clicking on the band names here.



5 songs

Forgotten Sounds
The Lost Boy
Testing One And Two
Honey Combed Hair
We Come In Peace

The Cube

15 songs

A Devil With Golden Gloves
Tectonic Erosion
Hearts On Fire
Her Missing Bliss
Stay With Me
The End Of Destiny
The Silver Feast
Speed Racer With Broken Dreams
Universally Remote
In Eternity
An Astral Poem
Broken Heads
The Long Night

Cube recording sessions

4 songs

Changing Shadows (demo)
Super Scandal X (demo)
Snow Dreams (demo)
Her Missing Bliss (alternate version demo)