You're A Liar

Andy Beargie - drums Eric Day - bass Gabriel Garber - guitar Charlie Thomas - guitar
Founded by Charlie Thomas, Eric Day and James Lyter, You're A Liar provided a palette to blend groove and thrash, bombast and finesse. What resulted was explosive, and they quickly built up steam in Bloomington and Indianapolis. After a few personnel changes and a period of time in which drummers were replaced quicker than Spinal Tap, Liar finally found the right fit in Andy Beargie, and the power trio began working on material for their forthcoming LP. With the new material involving multiple layers of guitars, the band enlisted the services of fellow Bloomington guitarist Gabriel Garber (of Impure Jazz) in early 2010. As a re-fueled 4-piece, Liar finished writing and recording their as-of-yet-untitled LP, consisting of 9 tracks. The LP is in the mastering phase, and will be released in the fall of 2010. Playing several shows a month, Liar has gained a reputable following in Bloomington and Indianapolis, filling local clubs and venues by wowing fans with their consistently intense and powerful live show. Upon the release of the new LP, Liar will begin circulating more throughout the Midwest



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