Impure Jazz

Gabriel Garber - guitar Adam Goode - bass Joshua Morrow - drums, keys

Founded by Gabriel Garber (guitar) and Joshua Morrow (drums, keyboard) as a duo in 2004, Impure Jazz has taken many forms over the years. In late Spring 2006, the two decided to pursue solo projects. After a hiatus of about a year and a half, Garber and Morrow decided to rejoin forces in the Fall of 2007, enlisting the services of Adam Goode on bass guitar.

As a power trio, IJ’s sound developed as a combination of the brute force of Rage Against The Machine, the precision of King Crimson, the grooves of Jaga Jazzist, the soul of Jamiroquai, and the sheer madness of Hella, among others.

Due in large part to the their diverse sound, IJ caught on quickly in Bloomington’s music scene, playing several shows a month, including WIUX’s 2008 Culture Shock Festival. In their time together, they have opened for national acts Marnie Stern, Martin Dosh, and Lymbyc Systym, as well as Britain’s School Of Language.

In the spring of 2008 IJ recorded a 4-song demo. The demo contains the tracks “Pre-Fluffin’ A Muffin (Fluffin’ It Up),” “7891011,” “Section II,” and “Byting The LAN That Seedz.”

That summer, IJ departed on their first national tour, playing shows in Bloomington, Kalamazoo, Indianapolis, Greenville (NC), Brooklyn, Burlington, and Washington D.C.

Over the course of three months in late 2008, IJ went into the studio to record what would be their first studio effort, a 6-track EP called IJ:I [EP]. The EP contains new versions of their demo tracks along with two new songs “Ace Of Base” and “Huckleberry Tots” (the latter of which was featured on IU’s Live From Bloomington 2009 compilation). IJ:I [EP] was released in the spring of 2009 and is currently available from the band or on several online distributors.

In early 2009, IJ were finalists in Uncle Fester’s Battle of the Bands in Bloomington. Later that summer, they headed west for their second national tour in support of IJ:I [EP], playing 20 gigs in 16 different states.

IJ is currently writing and arranging new material to add to their live set and record later this spring as part of a split release with Louisville's Fork In Socket.



6 songs

Byting The LAN That Seedz
Pre-Fluffin' A Muffin (Fluffin' It Up)
Section II
Ace Of Base
Huckleberry Tots