Wyld Stallynz

Chris Andy Patrick Dustin
Wyld Stallynz formed in 1996 in Franklin, IN by members of then defunct band - Biscuit Head. At clubs like Smedley’s, Middle Man Records and Emerson Theater they were the staple support for touring acts and often shared the stage with favorite local bands Sicko & The Abnormals, Better Off Dead, Illithed, The Beauty’s & The Seamen. Plan-it-X Records released their debut 7” “Jeremiah” in 1997. Wyld Stallynz played by their own rules, which led to getting kicked off the record label for being “sexist” & distraught girls sending mail about how anti-PC the lyrics were. It was also rumored that a promoter committed suicide after the band protested his company in the song “G.E.S.” (Greedy Egotistical Shitheads). Call it trash, Call it a sick sense of humor, Call it lighting fast. Call it WYLD... In 2000, They called it quits.



2 songs

Rude Shmood
I H8 The Mall