Project Bottlecap

Pat Simms - Vocals | Jasin Wayne - Guitar & Vocals
Project Bottlecap was formed in late 1998 by Pat Simms and Jasin Wayne. In early 2002, they hit the studio to record their first, self-released full length, Days and Seconds. In late 2002 the band signed with Skeptic Productions to release their sophomore full-length, Saving Rock 'n Roll. The albums 2003 release was followed by overwhelming critical acclaim in magazines coast to coast. Friday, February 25 2005 Project Bottlecap made the decision to separate, following the departure of second guitar player Brad Walters. Fast forward four years to fall of 2009, speculation of a "rebirth" of the group. Nothing to confirm or deny this has surfaced, but sources say.... "The Divine Current is coming."



2 songs

New Beginnings
Saving Rock and Roll