Wes DeBoy Recording


My name is Wes DeBoy and I am an audio engineer. I am a fan of all genres and enjoy the fresh perspectives of the musicians that surround me. I have a Bachelor of Arts in Telecommunications Audio Production and have been recording professionally since 2006. I currently use an analog/digital hybrid setup built around my Pro Tools 11 system.

To capture about any sound you desire, I have a collection of microphones from Shure, Sennheiser, Royer, BLUE, Rode and AKG. These microphones pair nicely with an assortment of microphone preamps from API, Universal Audio, Chandler, and Aurora Audio. Come time to mix, your sounds can be delicately sweetened/masterfully manipulated/or drastically mangled by a range of plug-ins from Waves, UAD, SoundToys, IK Multimedia, Massey, and more. Last but not least, custom wound transformers and outboard equalization put the final touches of analog magic on your recording before they enter the mastering process.

When it comes to recording, I firmly believe that there are no rules. While my preference lies in capturing great performances from quality sources, I'm not afraid to manipulate a recording to your liking. I am dedicated to meeting the production goals of your project -- whether that be clean and polished, fat and dirty, natural and organic, or anywhere in between. I love sounds, and want you to love the sounds that represent your art.




8 songs

Rodeo Ruby Love - It Was Weird
Laura K Balke - Streets of Gold
Animals On TV - Take Me Home
The Remony - Alexandria
Aaron Day - Wintergreen
The Weakenders - Four Letter Words
The Clutter - Broken Sons
Eli Chastain - So What Do You Say