The Clutter

Rick DeSutter- Singer/Songwriter, Vocals, Guitar Matt Nelson - Drums Jaron Walsh - Bass Jake Johnson - Guitar

Formed in 2008, The Clutter is an indie/progressive rock band based out of Lafayette, IN. Their mission is to create a unique sound that’s not bound by rules or limitations, but led by the rhythm of life and the challenges it presents. Expressing through words and instrumentation, The Clutter strives to not only entertain, but confront life’s conflicts head on with a message of hope.

The Clutter has had the privilege of rocking many great stages in the midwest with bands such as Flatfoot 56, Deas Vail, Rodeo Ruby Love, Maps & Atlases and Paper Route. Their sound is heavily influenced by the dynamics, precision and hard hitting riffs of bands like Radiohead, Muse and Blindside. The Clutter’s fascination with music and its endless possibilities drives them forward.



2 songs

Walk Slowly, Speak Softly