Red Square

Ian Brewer (guitar), Janas Hoyt (bass, vocals), Janet Wampler (drums), Rick Wilkerson (synth)

After the Panics went on hiatus, Ian Brewer joined with Janas Hoyt and Janet Wampler to form Red Square in 1982. Inspired and influenced by the Dancing Cigarettes, Pere Ubu, and other new wave/no wave bands of the day, Red Square gigged frequently at Second Story and other venues. Rick Wilkerson joined Red Square in the fall of 1982, after returning from Boston in the wake of the breakup of Amoebas in Chaos. Wilkerson played synth with the band for several months, but then left in early summer 1983. The band continued for another year or so as a trio. Although Red Square performed regularly, they only recorded two songs in studio, at Indiana University's MAC studio, produced and engineered by Jim Krause. One of those tracks, "Down From the High Chair" was released on Sirius Music's sampler cassette "Son of Segments". A music video for "Down from the High Chair" was produced by Diane Hancock and Rick Wilkerson at the IU Telecommunications Department.



3 songs

Down From the High Chair
Master Tours
Dangerous Assumptions