Tombstone Valentine

Richelle Baugh, Greg Toombs, Randy Schwartz, Diane Hancock, Rick Wilkerson, Katrina Jahn

Tombstone Valentine was one of the first "space-rock" bands in Indianapolis, forming in 1997. The band played out infrequently, with live highlights including the Quarkstock Festival in Columbus, Ohio in 1999, and the Strange Daze space rock festival in Eastern Ohio in 1998. Aether Records released a limited edition vinyl lp in 1998, followed by the CD in 1999. Both are entitled "Hidden World" but have some track differences. The lp, which exists on both purple vinyl (very few) and black vinyl, is now out of print. Some review highlights: "Pure hallucinating enchantment...the next generation's 'After Bathing at Baxter's" - Rockerilla/Italy "Amazing...'Elastic Reality' rips pages from the Dead's 'Dark Star' and tosses them glibly into the ocean" - Ptolemaic Terrascope/UK "Best debut by an American space-rock band I've heard all year!" - Strider News/US Tombstone Valentine suffered personnel changes when Richelle Toombs left in 2000. The band carried on with a different singer, Katrina Jahn, but finally broke up in 2002.



5 songs

Fleeing from the Perfect Master
Green Sky Night
Hidden World
Somewhere, Here
The Web