Unicorn Derby

Joe O'Brien Kevin Hood Grant McClintock Caleb Spicer https://twitter.com/UnicornDerby

Once upon a time, in a mystical hipster land called Fountain Square, there was a very magical band contest. It wasn’t like ordinary band contests from ancient times, it was a Random Band contest of the future. There was a bucket, names were entered into said bucket, and random people would be chosen to form merry bands that play music. If they don’t break up in 6 weeks.

Grant, Caleb, Joe, Kevin and Johnny were chosen to be in a band together. They were all strangers except for Grant and Caleb who “donate” plasma on the same days. After two months, four original songs, and what seemed like a million practices thanks to Grant, the Unicorn Derby band of merry men were ready to conquer the stage. And they won!

Kevin was overjoyed and thought the band practices were over, but unfortunately they won eight hours of studio time, cash money, and a slot on the main stage at the 2017 Virginia Ave Folk Festival. Around this same time, Johnny was involved in a tragic accident with a unicorn named Pliny and a whiskey barrel. She was a wild woodland creature and we hope continued recovery for Johnny boy.

After a million more practices, the four Unicorn boys had eight original songs under their rainbow belts and decided to pick the very best ones for the studio. After a couple takes of four songs in three hours, the young bucks mastered the studio and are now considering retirement.

Their debut EP, entitled “EXPLOSION OF AWESOME”, was released December 1, 2017 at Square Cat Vinyl, FTN SQR.



8 songs

02 Between 83 & 81
01 Belong Where You Stay
03 Slow Riot
04 Heart Burns
Just Drunk Enuff 2 Dance (live)
Between 83 & 81 (live)
Belong Where You Stay (live)
Heart Burns (live)