ben traub, matt askren, andrew greenburg, kevin toole

Rooms is a post-contemporary* american rock band based in Indianapolis, Indiana. Initially founded in early 2004 as an outlet for three founding members' experiments with rock based writing structures, the band grew to incorporate disparate elements of early 80's NYC punk, jam band arrangements, midwest hardcore, and classic melody. in the winter of 08/09 Rooms recorded 12 tracks with Mike Bradavsky at Russian Recording studio. 9 of the tracks made their way onto the bands first S/T release. Rooms later returned to Russian in 2014 to start work on their second full length release, Drawing the City Walls, released in January of 2017 after years of personal challenges, tragedy, and growth. 


The band's story:  Matt Askren (guitar, vocals) & Ben Traub (drums) had originally played in the mostly instrumental math-rock band Letters in English (the late 90's, early 00's.) Askren had penned a soundtrack to Letters' former bass player Paul Fox's short film Ida Mckinley for which Traub assisted with recorded percussion and live performances. This continued work relationship led itself to both living in a historic home/show space near downtown Indianapolis after Traub's return from a stint with Mara' akate during their european tour in the summer of 2003. Feeling like they were 'in between' bands in a musical atmosphere garnered the invitation of one Kevin Toole (guitar, vocals) to 'come over and create some jams' with little more intention than maybe getting a few songs down for fun. a set of seven songs were created for a blistering live set and four chosen for an ep. After the sudden departure of first bass player Pat Richardson, the band was left to record an EP and play a handful of shows with the assistance of Clinton Hughey. Soon after Askren moved to San Fransico for work and school. ... Upon Askrens return to Indpls in 2007 he began working with Toole on a number of songs that eventually included Traub and at the time vagabond Daniel Paquette on bass. Soon thereafter Paquette moved to Chicago at which time old friend and audiophile Andrew Greenburg took rightful place as full time bassist. They've been like that for a while now.



selections from s/t full length

2 songs

forming shapes

Rooms EP 1

3 songs

left, arms
long distance test pilot
walk all the way around me (alright)


1 songs

knuckle under (instrumental)