Ben Traub

ben traub
Mostly known as a mouthy drummer I have spent time making music by myself, mostly for myself, since i was 18. It started with recording drums to cassette on a boom box, then to a tascam port-2, then after 3 of those a zoom digi four track then computers happened and editing got weird. I'm about to go back to just drums on cassette because really, it was easier. Influenced by a range of sounds including but not limited to the hum of rattling windows to the clicking of a lamp switch, about-to-break dubs of Unwound's second tape to overpriced Brahms CDs, cop sirens, discordant refrigerators, laughter, and empty beds. its in there.


Recording range

3 songs

lets make a dial tone
challenging couch arrangement
love with razors involved

2003-12 things

7 songs

i think so fast i get lazy
after you
modern love in the age of the internet
see you later jorma
hound as relic
There aren't many of us left. We make mistakes, people die.


10 songs

evening table clearing dream (repeated 3 times)
watching a baby dream
i love you and hate you and every note in between:i'm not good enough for you(again)
like a keyboard
sorry, my record got downloaded
your ex boss
you could have had one more
you just got a love letter
you dumb sonofabitch
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