Rip and the Morning Afters

Rip Owczarski- Vocals, Art Flemming- Guitar, Danny McDougal- Drums, Uncle Lanny- Keys/Bass, Vigar Thorsen- Vocals
Starting his musical career in the late 1950's when swing was starting to become less of a king, Rip Owczarski decided that his Vegas lounge act would have to adapt to the popular music of the times. Throughout the 1960's and the 1970's, Mr. Owczarski played all over the world as an international symbol of unique sexual prowess, being dubbed by Swank Tiger Magazine... as "... a man so charming and yet vulgar that even I want to take my panties off and throw them at him." With the voice and fashion sense of a young Liberace, Rip found himself rising to the top of the music world, especially with the help of his hit song, "Making Love To Your..." By the mid-1980's Rip decided to call it quits, not only because he was facing legal troubles over the age of consent law in Indiana, but also to concentrate on his other love in life, Bourbon. In the 1990's Rip tried unsuccessfully at numerous comeback attempts, playing a few State Fair tours. After a short stint in jail, for reasons that I feel should not be mentioned, Rip took another hiatus from the entertainment world to work on another love in his life, gambling. Now that he has made it to the 21st century, Mr. Owczarski has decided to embark on what he calls, "his final comeback" with his new band, The Morning Afters.



2 songs

600 Pounds
Orgy Section

RIpping the Light Orgasmic (to the rib shack!)

2 songs

(I Wanna Make Love To Your)...