Metal In The Microwave

Jeff Shew - Bass, Joe McCadden - Guitar, Tom Denning - Guitar, Matt Weimer - Drums

A few random facts or wild lies about the band...Can you tell the difference?

Joe and Tom are main songwriters in the band: Joe's songs often work on theme and variation, with tinges of southern rock, grunge, and roots rock n roll, and Tom's songs generally show a wide variety of influence, very broadly including surf rock, indie rock, punk rock, and garage rock. Jeff is also starting to write for the band, and his first tune "Pleasure Unit" is about procreating after a nuclear holocaust. As a band we play loud rock n roll, which means we are all somewhat deaf...We have all been arrested...We practice in a garage...We are all from Indiana. Someone wrote online once: "Metal In The Microwave- "Psychedelic Noisy Angry/ Pretty Quiet Breezy" (RIYL Sonic Youth having sex with Pink Floyd)." Joe has described Footloose as the cinematic version of his life story. Joe's first guitar was won in a contest and signed by Buddy Guy. People often mistake Joe for Steve Cropper. Tom hates everything because he is from the earth's molten core. People often mistake Tom for Jose Feliciano. Tom really really likes The Carpenters. Jeff really really likes lounge music. People often mistake Jeff for Kenny Loggins. Jeff was first introduced to the band by playing obscene acoustic songs, such as "The Tossed Salad Ballad" at a gig in Joe's basement. Without usually knowing it, Jeff sometimes humps his bass. Matt considers the single greatest moment of his life to be when he jumped out of an airplane on his 27th birthday to the backdrop of a Van Halen song. Can you guess which one? Nope, guess again. People often mistake Matt for Mark Mothersbaugh. A few years ago Matt saw Hall and Oates in concert, and he was invited on stage to play the tambourine during the song "Maneater." People, especially those fond of metal bands, assume we play metal because it is in our name, which maybe we do. We all play music in a band called Metal in the Microwave.

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Metal In The Microwave

8 songs

Song For My Sister
Cognitive Dissonance
Fresh Prince
Man Vs. Dance Machine
King Hate