Five Year Mission

Mike Rittenhouse, Noah Butler, Chris Spurgin, Patrick O'Connor, Andy Fark
The five seasoned musicians who comprise indie rock band Five Year Mission were brought together by their mutual love of sci-fi. Their mission: write and record a song for every episode of the original Star Trek series from the 1960's. Since all five members are involved in the songwriting process, the group's sound is eclectic and expansive, boldly going where no band has gone before, with material ranging from power-pop to folk, punk to rap, and nearly everything in between. The band has independently released three critically acclaimed full-length albums (2010's Year 1, 2011's Year 2, and 2013's Year Three) and one EP (2012's The Trouble with Tribbles), and they have another two full-lengths and EPs on the horizon. Five Year Mission has accomplished much over the past three years: They performed regularly in and around the Midwest, appeared at some of the most prestigious science fiction conventions in the country, and have won the hearts and ears of Star Trek fans the world over. In early 2012, the band opened a panel for the legendary William Shatner in New Orleans, and shortly thereafter, they released a song paying tribute to actor George Takei; the song has since amassed over 80,000 plays on Youtube. The members of Five Year Mission continue to write, record, and perform songs for their ever-expanding fanbase, and they're having a blast doing it!.



3 songs

Mirror, Mirror
The Changeling
The Immunity Syndrome