Ebenezer and the Hymnasters

Bruce | guitar, vox, beard Kyle | vox, tambourine Bethany | vox, band doctor Kipp | fiddle, autoharp, saw, beard Chris | lap steel Elyce | washboard, bells, mementos Eric | bass, vox, arranging Phil | drums, percussion Erin | violin, banjo Steve | electri
Ebenezer And The Hymnasters are a “Folkestra” who can practically raise the dead with their electric and eclectic versions of old timey spirituals, murder ballads and story songs. Through their music they will introduce you to people and places from the not to distant past. Three part harmonies soar over the sounds of the fiddle, the singing saw, electric slide, washboard, autoharp, guitar, bass and drums.


The Golden Parade

2 songs

Daughter from the Dust
Pleasant Street