Zombie Bullets

Will Woodrow, Jeff Kleindorfer, Aaron McDonald
Present day: The wells from which we drink are fracked, the fields from which we grow are poisoned with pesticides and steroids. The earth is over populated. The media and the government sleep in the same bed of corruption and swim entangled in a cesspool of lies. The television and internet, radio advertisements and billboards, all keep the citizens entranced while chess is being played on global scale by the elite. We stay at war and live in constant fear of "Terror". Our children have been turned into technological swine feeding at the trough. We take pills to wake up, and to go to sleep. We take a before and after pill to stomach the food we consume. We stay just broke enough to go to our jobs, but not to thrive. Not everyone gets to eat at the same table. We slave to get us through the day so that we can feed the machine. The Juggernaut that tells us when to think, but mostly not to. It's a disappointment to all, that the Zombie apocalypse looks a lot different on television. A let down to realize that we are already in it. That we are the zombies. Corralled like cattle and driven by force and fear. Tagged with a number, and monitored on every corner. Kept alive but broken with the disease to ensure the prosperity of the 1% that control the globe. It sounds like something you would read from a futuristic novel, but its not... It's the world we live in. There is but a minuscule difference between our world and the fictional world of Soylent Green. A Zombie Bullet is that which you consume physically, or mentally, that drags you further down the spiral of total loss of personal power. The proliferation of drugs, alcohol, entertainment, propaganda, advertising, lies, destruction, and chaos. The divide and conquer tactics that separate us into a confused and enslaved society. The media, the authority, the power, the greed, the corruption. Its all a part of the disease. The institutionalized religion, the monetary system, the ban of personal freedom, the poison that consumes us all from reaching higher awareness of our personal power. Our individual power to reconstruct our society and live thriving and satisfying lives. If we can achieve self sustainability, they’re house of cards will crumble. Zombie Bullets is a mid-west, independent rock and roll band. We spread awareness to the victims of this disease in hopes of building up this lost society we strive for. Leaps and bounds have been made in the areas of alternative energy's, fighting against and banning poisonous additives and preservatives in our food and water supply. Debunking the roll of religion used by government to start endless wars. Debunking the banking institutions ploy to use systematic debt to enslave and control its people. Waves and masses have found self awakening. Aware of the destruction caused under the rule of our leadership. The realization of personal power is pertinent to the success of humanity. The dissolvement of this mental illness and disease is mandatory to the future. We hope you receive this Bulletin in time. Transmission complete.



2 songs

American Zombie