current and founding members: mitch straeffer bass and vocals, rick ringo guitar and vocals, tim malott drums. Most recent vocalist Susie Lofton. Past members include: Founding member Scott Konzelmann on guitar, Dave Allen keys and vocals, Tony Burud voca
early period (1977 to 1986) Rick and I wanted to start a band together since 5th grade. In 9th grade English class at Rogers High School (Now Michigan City High School) we met drummer Tim Malott, We took turns practicing at each others houses and discovered quickly we had a unique chemistry. We started out with covers of the Sex Pistols, The Who, Jethro Tull, early Pink Floyd, Jeff Beck and especially Black Sabbath. Soon we were writing our own tunes. Scott Konzelman joined us on guitar soon after. After High School, Scott moved to Boston and then to New York City where he founded the experimental noise consortium Chop Shop. Although we went our separate ways we kept jamming whenever we could, generating more and more material. We played a lot of parties. Later on we played in Muncie and got a track on the Muncie sampler. We also played a great show in DeKalb in 1986. Then we moved to Chicago. Early Chicago (1986 to 1993): Enlisting ace keyboardist and vocalist Dave Allen from Atomic Butterfly, Ziplock had a new direction and created a lot more material, doing shows in the indie club scene in Chicago. Allen left the band in 1989. We continued on as a trio, eventually collaborating with vocalist Tony Burud through 1991. In 1992 and 1993 we really began to explore our free jazz/rock chemistry, often doing entire shows of unplanned material. Occasionally we collaborated with vocalist Dave Sutherland. Then we all went our separate ways. Activity Nadir (1993 to 2011): Only a handful of rehearsals, but all were productive in creating material. Current activity (2012): We are back at it, creating massive improvised works and collaborating with vocalist Susei Lofton.



2 songs

Vine Merchant
Rain Song