Yukon Fox

Caryn Creviston, Olivia Laird, Grant Gorman
Integrating raw passion, working class honesty, and channeling vast arrays of musical influences, power trio Yukon Fox from Indianapolis, IN bring a fresh dynamic and original sound to the independent rock world. Featured members Olivia Laird (drums/vocals), Grant Gorman (guitar/vocals), and Caryn Creviston (keys/vocals) share a mutual love of various rock and folk acts from the 1960’s-1990’s, which has helped blaze the trail over the last year and a half for the release of Yukon Fox’s self-titled debut. Meshing harmonized vocal melodies, Yukon Fox create atmospheres that are both filling and captivating. The primary focus for this band has revolved around well-crafted lyrics, innovative structures, and integration of effective writing styles of past decades. Title track and power charged opener “Telephone the Mayor” speaks critically about the trickledown effects of decisions made by those in positions of authority. The addictively catchy “Big Full Moon”, describes the rediscovery of simple earthly pleasures on a summer evening. Foot stomping anthem “Just the Way”, and the riff pounding “Big Bad Medicine Show”, both exude a taste of classic southern drive. Yukon Fox will be playing extensively in the Midwest region in support of their recent self-titled release. Excitement is already building around the band’s planned second release, which is currently in the early stages of production. The follow-up is based upon heavier riffs, hooks, and radio-ready independent Rock’n’Roll.



4 songs

Big Bad Medicine Show
Big Full Moon!
Telephone the Mayor!
Just the Way