The Wise Man's Fear

Tyler Eads, Paul Lierman, Nathan Kane, Joe Dennis, Codi Chamber, and Thomas Barham

The Wise Man's Fear is a 5-piece Metalcore/Fantasycore band from central Indiana. Their name stems from a fantasy novel of the same title written by Patrick Rothfuss that chronicles the adventures of the greatest arcanist/musician of the age. The name itself is a statement against the destructive power of pride (truly wise men are almost unfailingly so humble that they seem to fear pride and the damage it causes). Full length album produced by Johnny Franck of Attack Attack! and The March Ahead available digitally everywhere. Physical copies also available! Winners of Vans Warped Tour Battle of the Bands Indiana 2015 Endorsed by: My Hero Productions clothing and  HAVILAH Clothing.


Castle in the Clouds Teaser

2 songs

In Reach (Out of Touch)
Castle in the Clouds