Martin Law - bass Hadley Gephart - violin Oliver Boch - guitar/vocals AT Bossenger - drums

Wintermute began as an outlet for Bloomington, Indiana's Oliver Boch when the experimental songwriter set out to form a new line up for his long-standing project, The Post, in the summer of 2015. It was then that Boch met AT Bossenger (ex- Housebroken, Dotti) and their mutual interest in shoegaze, noise-rock and experimental sounds led the two to steer their connection away from the more ethereal noises of The Post and towards a more angular and aggressive style. The two spent most of the year slowly developing this sound with different bassists until the addition of Martin Law (ex- the Danger Board) solidified the trio's experimental take on a dark, moody post-punk sound. Over 2016 the band developed a collaborative process, vigorously workshopping songs in their practice space, on stage and on tour -- often continuing to alter arrangements long after they had been added to the set rotation. Through this process, Law and Bossenger's mutual interest in extreme music further twisted Boch's songs in a direction somewhere between the steady barrage of post-hardcore and the nuanced execution of artists typically seated within the post-rock label. After months of growing their sound, the band asked Hadley Gephart (ex- Pillow Fight, Genovia Forever) to join on violin for a few live sets before inviting her to join Wintermute as an official fourth member. As a quartet, Wintermute's collaborative component has reached a new height, with the band building compositions from the ground up as a unit and expanding upon the already wide palate of Boch's past work. Their performances are equally moody and energetic and tend to take on the mood of the particular performance space; the past two years have seen the band take on the energy of bars, basements, and art spaces across the U.S. For booking or more information, please contact



4 songs

1 - heart beats the drum
2 - scar
3 - redactable
4 - eva