Wayne Manor

Wayne Manor
Currently in Terre Haute Indiana, but originally from Chicago, Wayne Manor puts all of himself in every track. “Dreams” gives you a glimpse of what it is like trying to make it in the music business, while having life and responsibility pull you away. In the end realizing that it’s all made him who he is and that is what drives him music. “The Painter” gives and abstract look at the death of his spouse. As his life went on he describes how finding love again, not only brought him back to reality, but gave him the children he could not live without. Stating, “My tears have come and gone and come back in a different way.” Due to the death of his wife to Pompe Disease 5 years ago, he donates 50% of all his musical proceeds to the Unite Pompe Foundation. www.unitedpompe.com The track “The Truth” shows his activist side. He exposes our monetary system, religion, and our human history of class/racial separation. “The truth hurts, but that’s always the deal. And if we’d all get on the wagon we could finally heal.” With so much more to give, he has released his full length LP “EST 1980”. This is a reboot for Hip Hop. Bringing back story telling, complex lyrics, and the fight against social and financial injustice. It’s time to take our genre back. #nonprofithiphop



3 songs

Wayne Manor - EST 1980 - 07 The Painter
Wayne Manor - EST 1980 - 04 The Truth
Wayne Manor - EST 1980 - 02 BobbleHeads