Wax Bull

C. Vularski Brak

Formed in 2005, in an attempt to make funny joke, Greg, Brad, Kirk, Peter, and Steve all agreed they had been working hard on a musical project. They hadn't. It was a lie. After some alcoholic beverages, the eager beaver WES DEBOY agreed to record a song they hadn't been working on. Thus, the first EP was created by the late and great MR. DEBOY.

Greg and Brad went on to be the soul (typo on purpose) members of the joke group, and carried on the tradition by playing local shows in Lafayette completely done in improv style fashion. Most people thought the duo were mentally challenged so they let them play more shows. A lot of people in the small town of Lafayette (population of 1,532) had not heard of experimental music which they were parodying, and so they assumed they were mentally handicapped.

Their fame heightened and so did their genitalia. Greg signed a recording contract with Boner Records, without consulting Brad first, and the hit "Christ Megazord" was recorded by then washed up actor WES DEBOY.

"They really pulled me out of a rough time. That time was 3:30 p.m. I'm usually really tired around that time, but Greg gave me some Mass X and I felt much better." - WES DEBOY

Greg started doing drugs. And I mean a lot of drugs. Drugs I haven't even heard of. Like a drug called Mass X. He took Mass X suppositories on an hourly basis. Brad was more into watching people have sex outdoors. That was his drug.

The two were at odds and wanted to take the band in different directions, but not literal lateral directions like South, North, East, and West. Finally, Greg recorded the last Wax Bull album in 2009, and the Best of Wax Bull was released in 2012. Many unreleased tracks will now be provided as Greg's daughter, Vampula, now owns his estate. Congratulations!

UPDATE: "The Bull" recorded a new album in December 2014, called...who really gives a fuck. These guys are idiots. Greg and Brad have reunited for a live show in 2016, and Greg's daughter, Vampula, was murdered last night. That's all.



Dark Tunnel III: A Glimpse of Self Rasterisation

9 songs

Apollo (Lee)
Poseidon (Jordache)
Black Elvis (Guess)
Zeus (Docker)
Artemis (Bugle Boy)
Dionysus (Mudd)
Athena (Levi)
Hermes (JNCO)
Ares (Baby Phat)

Opium Mask

16 songs

Morning Comes
Still Your Friend
Christ Megazord
Maybe I'm a Fool (Demo)
The Early Christians
Saint Anders Fall
No Drums
Until You Die Da Da Da
Jesus Legs
Queen LaQueefa
Punishment Corner
Sleepless Author
No Light
Whistle in the Wind
The Morning Eel
Allan James (Demo)

Manslide EP

3 songs

soft distortion
gummy berzzz

Shit Storm 2006 Pt. 1

55 songs

01 Japan (99 Ways To Sunday)
02 Japan (Backwards Talking)
03 Japan (Backwards Bells)
04 Japan (More Of The Same)
05 Japan (The Journey Begins)
06 Japan (Brad's Pillow)
07 Japan (The Taxi Ride)
08 Japan (Climbing The Mountain)
09 Japan (Meeting With The Sex Gods)
10 Japan (Stabbed In The Back With A
11 Japan (Shit Storm On The Rise)
12 Japan (The Dramatic Climax)
13 Japan (The Coughing Cyclops Ghost
14 Japan (That's A Jungle Cock)
15 Japan (The Loss Of A Good Friend)
16 Japan (The Sex Trade Dies)
17 Japan (Mr. Frost Greets The Warmt
18 Japan (Cherry Blossoms In Bloom)
19 Japan (Brad Vs. The Pillow Monste
20 Japan (Shit Storm 2006_ Rise Of T
21 Japan (Funny Shit TV Hour)
22 Japan (Washer Meets Dryer)
23 Japan (The Harlem Globtrotters)
24 Saint Anders Fall (Ending)
25 The Rocks Have Hit The Atlas
26 Sick Cycle
27 The Story Of
28 Jansen (High School Wigga)
29 Jansen (Hit A Deer)
30 Jansen (The Loss Of Innocence)
31 Jansen (The All-Star Quarterback)
32 Jansen (Impregnating The World)
33 Jansen (Please Don't Do It)
34 Jansen (Tragedy Strikes)
35 Jansen (Get On The Dance Floor)
36 Jansen (In The Whirlwind Of Lulu)
37 Jansen (Thunderstorms And Birds)
38 I'm Trying To Eat A Sandwich
39 The Limits Of Westernization
40 Bacon Pt. 1
41 Bacon Pt. 2
42 Bacon Pt. 3
43 Ringin' In My Ears
44 Ensephalitis (The Grass Eats The
45 Ensephalitis (Spring Basement Jam
46 Ensephalitis (Return To Nature)
47 Ensephalitis (Ending Of Grover Cl
48 Wires Bend Waves
49 Street Lemurs
50 You Ate My Bike Pt. 1
51 Hal Jordan
52 You At My Bike Pt. 2
53 Fool Gush In
54 Birds Chirp For Death
55 Wax Bull Visits The Countryside W

Shit Storm 2006 Pt. 2

42 songs

56 Wes Deboy (Likes The Man Cock)
57 Wes Deboy (Shitty Car)
58 Wes Deboy (Snazzy Dresser)
59 Wes Deboy (The Claps Of Butt Sex
60 Wes Deboy (We Have More Myspace F
61 Wes Deboy (The Aftermath)
62 Wes Deboy (Sweet Departure)
63 Wes Deboy (Spit It Out)
64 Wes Deboy (The Eureka Bone)
65 Sleeping Enemies
66 A Song For Xenu
67 Denver Heat
68 Battle Toads
69 Electric Pissycat Vs. The Thunder
70 The Forty-Second Song
71 Peer Pressure
72 Placard Binge
73 The Aphenos Demon
74 Lemon Lime Slime
75 Gracious Beak
76 Weekend At Jimmy's
77 Grace Be Gone
78 Peter Licker
79 Sleep Monkey Sleep
80 Desert Track
81 Pickles And Relish
82 Strom Goes Wild
83 The
84 Let's Go Kill A Cow And Eat Its R
85 Bitches Do What
86 Whatever
87 Discovery Zone Meltdown
88 Beaver Seeks White Female
89 Reptile In The Cloudz
90 Jungle Maize
91 Medowlark Lemon
92 Jump Rope Suicide
93 House Party 3
94 Germaphobe
95 Pumpkin Eater
96 Liminal Minds Think Dislike
97 HIV In Hi-Fi

Social Networking

6 songs

Monster Mash
Until You Die Da Da Da
Millepede Galosh
Drugged Celebrity
Social Blanket

The Bull is Dead in the Night

9 songs

The Kokomo Hum
Queen LaQueefa
Dreamt I Was a Catatat
Bad Purception
People Talking
The Morning Eel
Tiger Tooth
The Sea Song
Ted Dansen

Sunshine Circus EP

4 songs

Welcome to the Sunshine Circus
Mandy's Verbal Masturbation
German Fellatio
We Are All Monolithic Creatures

Worm XVC

14 songs

Worst Tasting Envelope
Winter Campfire
Savory Sacks
Fuck You, Jim
Johnny Appleseed
Drew Deboy's Mystical Journey
Poor Me
Morning Comes
Herman's Head
Ahh! Real Monsters
I Live For Live (Daniel Johnston Cover)
Slippery Slope
Sleepless Author
Worm XVC (The Last Song)

The Graveyard Dogs

14 songs

The Graveyard Dogs
Livin' the Dream
Ghost Pony
No Light
Pig Gay Big
Oh Daryl
Things You'll Miss
You Can Have It All (Yo La Tengo Cover)
No Drums
Jered's Blood
Sinking into My Love
Dick Milk

Throwin' Up Rainbows

10 songs

the early christians
the banana massacre of 1928
kirk barrios in uganda
cat cry pt. 1
cat cry pt. 2
inaccuracies of dreams
aaron day
whispers in the wind
variety of sin
ally alleyway

At Least It's Better Than The New Modest Mouse Album

14 songs

death house
oh my goddamn
japan (brad's pillow)
you've got a good thing
airplane glue
hungry in hungary
go down_so slow
warick davis
ga ga emily
saint anders fall
we were on a trip
always dreaming
the elysian fields
jesus legs

Marlenista EP

8 songs

trout prince
the morning eel
dry summit national
sort like track 83
hey brother
god's voice
your breath is
cuntry march

Jesus Beast

9 songs

down with downs
beauty on a budget
punishment corner
leaving japan (sex butterfly)
gentle giant
anything later
the early christians
jesus beast
aaron day

You Ate My Bike EP

1 songs

you ate my bike pt 1-4

Miscellaneous Bull Vol. 1

11 songs

christ megazord (final studio version)
malice for alice (live edited verson)
oh daryl (grandma version)
evangelical (pre-fives oaks version)
musical, critical (i heard the owl call my name version)
britney spears (slippery slope version)
a flattery of science (i heard the owl call my name version)
the walls are leaking colors (pre-five oaks version)
your breath is (original bob dylan version)
jesus beast (demo)
hospital (demo)

Miscellaneous Bull Vol. 2

11 songs

anything later (original instrumental demo)
bitchfork_hey brother (demo)
allan james (demo)
down with downz (five oaks demo)
fall out boy (demo)
maybe i'm a fool (demo)
sea song (demo)
gimmick breeze (demo)
flea market montgomery (demo)
anything later (alternate version w_ vocals)
the walls are leaking colors (alternate version)

Miscellaneous Bull Vol. 3

11 songs

happy b-day (deluxe remix)
mareyezine o aye (ga ga emily remix)
wollem a si gos (c. vularski original)
ocean scene #3 (c. vularski original)
drew deboy's mystical journey (original live demo)
good lovin' outside (animal collective cover)
for your convenience (original instrumental demo)
you've got a good thing (original instrumental demo)
christ megazord (alternate take with guitar)
prank phone call jason
prank phone call jason 2