Von Stultz
Believe it or not, I was originally the front man for an old ass industrial band out of Terre Haute, IN by the name of "Nimbus". It was a Skinny Puppy inspired chaotic mess with some mates from high school. I still carry around that legacy since, for some reason I decided to brand myself with the S.P. logo on my leg. I know, I know never get a tattoo of a band or the name of someone you are dating, but what can you do.. Listening to my music now you would never guess where I came from, but it just goes to show how much things change, as much as, stay the same. The truth is I just love noise and making music that makes you think a little bit and want to hear what comes next. So, now that I've taken this step to dedicate time and creative energy to it, I'd like to invite all of you to listen: and hey, if you love it cool...



4 songs

Looking in Corners