The Vintage Union

Jon Korty, Noah Adamson

The Vintage Union is a project with a sound that is aimed at nothing. The style is a blend of classic rock, blues, folk with a hint of pop. It resembles a premeditated jam, with improvised wrinkles that are smoothed out with its unique blend of influence. Motivated by relationships with friends and family, and inspired by the craft of songwriting, The Vintage Union is currently playing shows in the mid-west. The Vintage Union is in the early stages of it's career, but has already been offered opportunities to perform all over the mid-west. 

Several years ago Jon Korty was introduced to Nic George through a mutal friend. Korty had been playing in various bands and George had an interest in getting involved in a project. The two jammed on occasion but nothing serious came to fruition. Eventually all hopes of a project were put on hiatus as George joined the USAF and Korty enrolled in college. The two rarely kept in touch but secretly shared the same intention of reuniting at some point in the future. 

"I always thought I would turn on the radio and hear [Jon] on the radio someday..." - Nic George

Korty began to re-establish his place in the songwriting scene as he put together a solo acoustic project entitled, 'Jonathan Joseph & Friends.' 

"I was getting a lot of 'why aren't you doing anything with music?' from my friends and even from people that didn't know that well... My intention was to write some songs and have friends sit in on songs when I recorded. Nic was the drummer in my head when I wrote songs by myself for three years. I always held out hope one day it would all come together..." - Jon Korty

The reunion became a reality in the winter of 2009. The two began to play more and more frequently together and the idea of chasing down their common musical dreams became more and more enticing. After playing with several bass players, but failing to find the right one to fit, George invited a co-worker, Noah Adamson to come sit in for their first show. Adamson was the perfect fit for the upbeat but mellow sound Korty and George had slowly begun to develop. He was asked to join the project and before long accepted. 

The trio has created a musical bond that can only be created by friendship and commitment. Their sound is unique but not experimental, new but not unfamiliar, and simple but deep. It can only be described as The Vintage Union. Are you listening?


An Evening at Hawthorne Ridge...

3 songs

Keep Your Head Up
Through Your Mind

Happy High

10 songs

Sweet Goodnight
Check Raise
Simple Moments
Addicted to Emotion
Through Your Mind
Stay Awake