Vigo The Butch

Alex Walling James Finch Jayson Loughmiller
In early 2019 the Indianapolis punk band FAT had reunited (as a 3 piece once again) and played Tyler Bayne's 30th birthday party at The Melody Inn after a nearly 13 year hiatus. After this show FAT routinely wrote and rehearsed songs hoping to one day make a record and play more shows. Months into this endeavor, progress began to slow and even stagnate within the FAT camp. Eventually, James Finch (bass) would start rehearsing songs that were written independently from FAT with Jayson Loughmiller (drums). Calling themselves a "side project" Finch and Jayson began creating the skeleton that would one day become Vigo The Butch. Weeks into the writing process Finch enlisted friend, musician, and coworker, Alex Walling (The Abby Normals) to fulfill guitar and vocal duties. Once the ball was rolling and the group had completed songs under their belt they made plans to record an EP. Pussy Crusher was recorded at Postal Recordings on 3/4/2021 and was produced by Tyler Watkins (Margot and the Nuclear So and So's) and mixed by Alex Kercheval (Coven). Pussy Crusher (P.C.) is manic, spastic heartless, uncaring, unapologetic, nihilistic, meanspirited and nasty. It spreads infectious disease, misinformation, glorifies male chauvinism, encourages suicide, trivializes animal abuse, lionizes psychopaths, and makes light of sexual abuse. Listen with caution... It is not P.C.



5 songs

Vigo The Butch - Pussy Crusher - 05 Ye Olde Bologna
Vigo The Butch - Pussy Crusher - 02 Jowls of My Bad Man
Vigo The Butch - Pussy Crusher - 01 (Super) AIDS
Vigo The Butch - Pussy Crusher - 03 Quitters Always Win
Vigo The Butch - Pussy Crusher - 04 Cat Splat