Lauren Moore

"Lauren Moore is very much a nerd. Sci-fi, roleplaying games, all that. She’s also an insane musical talent. Thankfully, she chose to combine those 2 aspects and do something really cool. She wrote, composed, produced, and sang a short album themed around a show called Firefly. For those who don’t know, it was a sci-fi program about space smugglers/pirates that was produced by Joss Whedon(most famous for producing Buffy the Vampire Slayer). The cult following for this show was so deep that the hollywood feature film(Serenity) was released despite the the show being canceled before the first season was aired in it’s entirety. Fan support in the form of buying DVDs and throwing charity events made hollywood take notice. Anyways, Lauren’s overdubs and tasteful vocal processing lead to polyharmonies that are just breathtaking. Her production is diverse but always appropriate for her vocals styling and very rooted in synthy ambient." - Sutiweyu Sandoval (Zaptown)

"Lauren Moore is, by her own admission, a huge nerd. But that’s a good thing – I like nerds. Hailing from Indianapolis, USA, Moore is in fact a very special kind of nerd, in that she’s made her debut release a concept album based on the cult science fiction show Firefly, from everyone’s favourite cult show creator, Joss Whedon. If you haven’t seen the show, well, what is wrong with you? Go buy the box set, now.

Under the band name ‘Verse, Moore’s project is a collection of songs that, without being obvious, tell stories from the paradigm of the show, often speaking with the voices of the characters. The styles vary wildly from song to song, all experimentally electronic, with strong pop flavours, but all held together with Moore’s smooth, expressive vocals.

Whether you’re a Browncoat (a fan of the show), a new recruit (yet to watch) or an ignorant cretinous philistine with no friends and body odour (not a fan of the show), ‘Verse’s debut album is quite extraordinary listening. Her talents lie not only with beautiful delivery, but with lush vocal layering and haunting harmonies." - David Beukes (Mdavisto)








Tragic Space Dementia

4 songs

That Kind of Strength
They Fall Right Out of the Sky
The Wrong Ship


2 songs

Never Be
For Now