The Unknown

Freddy Crowder-guitar,vocal Roger Reynolds-drums,vocal Randy Harker-bass,vocal
Formed in late May/early June of 2007,in the heartland of southern Indiana,Fred,Randy and Roger were drawn together by their love for music,and the desire to play original rock and roll,"music with a message". Though they had all been involved heavily with other music groups in the past,the boys had been away from the live music scene for quite a few years.The rust would be heavy,it would be a tough row to hoe.Yet,after their first few jams together,and time well spent getting to know each other,the "feel" of the music was there,as well as the foundations for some lasting friendships,thus,THE UNKNOWN was born. These guys play the music that they love,the way they love to do it.Whether its to an empty room at rehearsal,or 100+ bodies at a show,"hootin' and a'hollerin' ",they always seem to have a heck of a good time doing it. Live they have an energy reminiscent of The Who,Cream or Led Zeppelin. Their music though,is fresh and original,yet has a familiar "feel" which seems to draw in folks of all ages.



4 songs

Running Away From You
We the People
Dont Come Around
You Get What You Pay For