Under Sea Explosion


NYC, NY. drummer Myq Gaffey, bass player Jerold H. and guitarist/singer Jim Paul. Originally from Detroit, Jim joined friends and indie-pop sensations The Christines as they were moving to San Francisco in ?97. Having recently opened for Oasis? first US tour, The Christines jumped into the SF scene with Subarachnoid Space and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. Jim continued to play with The Christines but also established FunHouse: A Stooges Revue featuring New Bomb Turks drummer Bill Randt, before coming to New York in ?02. Jerold had been the guitarist for Abstract Fresco as well as a DJ in Indiana before moving to NYC three weeks after 9/11. The two collaborated & played a few cabaret shows before recruiting Boston transplant Myq Gaffey on drums to stoke the nuclear furnace that would become USX. David Mendez, formerly of ?69 Nova & a Spanish Harlem native, replaced Myq from Sept. ?04-Dec. ?06.



2 songs

One Way Ride