Two Mini Humans

Dylan Gaffin - Guitars, Vocals, Bass Taylor Reynolds- Drums and Production

Dylan Gaffin and Taylor Reynolds met through a mutual friend and hung out occasionally in 2007 until Dylan beat guitar hero and decided to pick up the real thing May 23rd 2007. On New Years eve 07/08 Taylor wanted to warm up before a show with The Five Second Cummings and invited Dylan over where they covered a Nirvana song titled "About a Girl" until the guitar was a bit bloody as Dylan had never played with a drummer before. The two never looked back jumping into their new sound that no one could quite put their finger on. On September 12th 2009 the band played their first show with James O'Dea on bass where they released their debut album "Too Many Humans" to the public. The album was completely produced and mastered in house by Taylor Reynolds. After this show the two moved in together in Muncie IN where they mutually fell in love with the band Dinosaur Jr. This is where they recorded the album "Covers to keep you Warm in the Winter" covering songs from DJ, Nirvana, The Distillers, Jimi Hendrix, and more with only 2 originals appearing on the album titled "First Impression" and "Gnosym". This marks a turning point in the band's sound when Dylan found the distortion channel on his Marshall amps. The flamboyant guitarists stage presence was now amplified by controlled feedback and new tricks such as playing with his teeth or behind the head, resembling his guitar heroes. The new songs written and recorded in the months to come gave Taylor much more freedom with percussion where they moved away from the four chord formula to a more advanced song-structure with pauses and instrumental solos. The band hit the muncie music scene hard on April 1st 2010 when playing at the Village Green Record store. They ended the set with "Raisans" and a massive drum dive that left the crowd shocked and amused. After this show the band took time to record the newly distorted and fast-paced songs which would be released October 1st 2010 on the Two Mini Humans EP at a house show off campus in Muncie. This show also went over well where the band got word of people enjoying their energy and unidentifiable genre of sound. As of now they plan on playing house shows where the energy is high and the cost of admission low.

As of 2011 2MH plan to release thier newest album in time for Xmas.



11 songs

Internal Fluxuation
Ruck Over
First Impression
Zebra Cakes
Bike Song
Hangin Out
Little Fury Things (Dinosaur Jr)
Pushin Daisies
Raisans (Dinosaur Jr)

All Things Happiness

1 songs

Bright Smiles