The Truckadelics

Frankie Camaro Randy Ochsenrider (Bam Bam) Rick Ochsendrider (Spliff) Bob Slone Lumpy Repellent

The Truckadelics formed after Frankie returned from Texas following the non-release of the Moto-X album. It was a project combining elements of Rock n Roll, Blues, Psychedelic and the new Alternative sound like bands like Husker Du in the late 80s.

Concept: I wanted a Semi with thousands of lights and ornaments, like you see on some Trucks, with a stage with all our equipment on it, and light show, ready to open up and play in any city at any time. Of course I knew it would be a long shot, probably costing 1/2 a million or so to do what I wanted. The term Truckadelic, I thought of, from all the trucks with cool lights and ornaments at night I would see in like Arkansas driving back from Texas. I wanted a Truck that would be like no other in it's brightness and lights. And with a second bus or truck to live in, and one that is the Show on wheels.

Releases -
Cassette: Truckstops of Tomorrow, recorded at Hit City, 1987 with Paul Mahern
I Wanna Records, (Dayton Ohio) Album Compilation: Hard to be Cool in an Uncool World

Touring -
The band played all around Indiana, Ohio, and Kentucky, including, The Vogue, Bluebird, Second Story, Canal St, Uncle Pleasants, The Patio, and other places.

Notes -
Night of the Big Rigs was co-written by Lumpy from the Repellents.