Traveling Broke and Out of Gas

Cody Hall, Racheal Yanni, Davide Marzoli, Sean Holman, Sanjay Mallipudi
Originally conceived as a busking scheme 4 years ago while traveling across the country Traveling Broke and Out of Gas have perpetually been experimenting and honing their skills as traveling performers. At the heart of their eclectic mix of blues, folk, and rock are the sincere and politically charged lyrics of Cody Hall which cover topics of oppression, awareness, and hope. The band hit the road hard after releasing their first full length album “Anything Helps” which they completed in 2009. Their first national tour took them all the way to the West Coast and back home to West Lafayette, Indiana. After a short time off, and a few line up changes Traveling Broke and Out of Gas have started tracking their sophomore effort. They have added an electric guitar and viola to round out there live sound which hasn’t necessarily changed their sound, but has enhanced it. Be on the look out for Traveling, Broke, and Out of Gas, at a coffee shop, bar, club, co-op, farmers market, or street corner near you…………



2 songs

Carry Me Home