Tonal Caravan

Bryce Robertson - Guitar/Vocal Ian Taylor - Keyboard/Vocal Matt Parkison - Bass/Vocal Stuart Cotton - Drums/Vocal
The sound of music can’t be described through the sound of language. Words can’t synthesize an experience; only remind you of that experience. That having been said, I like to imagine Tonal Caravan as a dancer. The parts shift around pending on the song and section, but these are the typical roles of each member. Bryce Robertson acts as the legs to the dancer. With his blazingly tasteful melodies and grooves, the guitarist keeps listeners on their feet. He can, sprint, stomp, or just kick around. Typically if the band walks into a new space, Bryce is the one that walks the sound there. Matt Parkison acts as the torso and ass of Tonal Caravan. His solid freight train bass fills out the body of the band. In the center of the arms and legs flinging around every which way is found the kung fu super strength of matt’s core sound. Ian Taylor acts as the arms. He can grab, wave, push, or pull. Anything you can imagine an arm doing and more. His inviting finesse brings a balance to the sound that grabs and holds listeners of any taste. The hands of Ian Taylor can be as mesmerizing as the greatest magician’s sleight of hand. Stuart Cotton through the drums acts as the skeleton of Tonal Caravan. He is dedicated to keeping every other part standing, synchronized, and functioning together as one. His performance adapts in each moment to the shape of everyone else; seeing that every part is solid and supported together. The brain and heart of the sound is shared by everyone. If any individual part has something big to say, that’s where the mind of the whole thing will be. Everyone is always listening, which makes for quite an interesting thing to listen to. Every instrument is approached as equally import as each other. A dancer with no legs is not much fun to watch. A dancer with no arms can only keep your interest for so long. Without a torso, there is no center holding all of the limbs together. With no skeleton, the body won’t hold up.



4 songs

Kickin Up Dirt
Midnight Traffic
Herbies Dream
Guess I'll Wonder