ToeKnee Tea

One man band

"ToeKnee Tea is a one man dirty blues band from Indiana. Alternating between hollow body and resonator guitars and armed with a harmonica and stomp box, ToeKnee Tea has a uniquely modern take on a very old and vintage sound. With influences from Mississippi delta and hill county artists of the 1930's & 40's, and the grimy DIY philosophy of today. It's stripped down, raw, unapologetic, and quite possibly just what you've been looking for."

"He stomps out a beat on a wooden crate with one foot and plays tambourine with the other. He plays a raucous strain of blues/folk that sounds kinda like Tom Waits busking outside of CBGB's, and that's pretty cool!" - Barfly, Nuvo Magazine

"Hard driving, hard hitting and hard gambling. Toeknee Tea plays low-down dirty blues worthy of the crossroads of his home state Indiana!! A testament to the One Man Band and of hard living." - Lo Fi Big Bear

"With a voice that first strikes you with it’s whiskey and smokes raggedness, and a guitar approach that melds a distorted delta blues to roots rock, Toeknee Tea’s sound is both familiar and fresh at the same time. However, it’s Toeknee Tea’s softer more melodic side that seals the deal – as heard on the standout track “Rivercrest Dr.” This is not to say that the floor stompers aren’t up to snuff, they are and then some, but it’s the perfect touch of melancholy on the slower track that calls you back for repeat listens." - Sam Lowery, Postcard Elba



5 songs

You Broke The Axel
Trouble No More
Elkhart County Jail
Candlestick Maker