They've Shot Flanigan

Zachariah Stonerock Gabriel Stonerock Brad Johnson Dayton Ray Neely Mason Simmons
Since 2002, Indianapolis-based THEY’VE SHOT FLANIGAN have been tirelessly writing, recording and touring, establishing themselves as a strong and consistent presence in the Midwestern rock and roll scene. With a sound that is deeply rooted in classic rock and heavily influenced by contemporary independent and progressive artists, the band makes music that is simultaneously dark and catchy, heavy and melodic, intense and contemplative. “They are adept songwriters,” writes Louise Sinclair of Girl At The Show, “with the kind of mature, put-together sound you’d expect from a major artist.” THEY’VE SHOT FLANIGAN have released two EPs and a full-length album, and are preparing the release of a new 10-song concept album, about the life and death of a gunslinger, recorded by engineer Seth Henderson at Always Be Genius studios. The album will be released on December 10, 2011.



3 songs

The Confession
As The Vultures