“… a tried and true quartet of experienced musicians who don't rely on tap-dancers or incomprehensible screaming to sell what any decent rock band should be able to make stand alone: great music.” -- NUVO editor Laura McPhee

Since forming in 2005, thesociety, a four-piece rock and roll band from Indianapolis, have written and recorded an impressive catalogue of original music, sonic collages that combine their own peculiar brand of obscure lyricism with a musical blend of alternative, classic and progressive rock. Often touted as “the third best band around,” thesociety are proof that even bands from central Indiana can sometimes manage to make vibrant and compelling cutting-edge rock.

While most listeners agree that thesociety's darkly poptimistic sound defies easy categorization, the band’s high-energy performances and straightforward, gimmick-free approach to rock and roll have brought favorable comparisons to the Velvet Underground, the Who, early’'70s Stones, Rush, Television, Talking Heads, the Replacements and Guided by Voices. Over the past two years, band members Mike Ashley, Jeff Eakins, Joe Eakins and Chris Ryan have played dozens of well-received shows in Indianapolis (Locals Only, Radio Radio, The Melody Inn, Birdy’s, etc.), Louisville (The Rudyard Kipling) and Chicago (The Double Door), steadily building a reputation as a not-to-be-missed live act.

thesociety released their full-length debut, “Big Killing,” in 2007. Filled with urgent melodic hooks and subtle hypnotic rhythms, this 11-song effort was enthusiastically praised by friend and foe alike as one of the year’s best independent releases. Tracks from “Big Killing” are posted on the band’s website,, and on MySpace at The band encourages listeners to visit either site and follow these simple directions: Open ears; insert music; and repeat often.

As 2008 gets underway, thesociety are busy with a couple of projects. The first one is “Gas,” a three-song EP recorded at The Engine Room (Indpls.) that features “Life,” “Naptown Blues” and “Northeast by Midwest,” all of which have been regular parts of the band’s live shows for the past year. The CD is finished and will be released Saturday, April 5, at the band’s “Yes, We’re Releasing ‘Gas’ Show” at Locals Only, 2449 E. 56th St., a show that will also feature fellow Musical Family Tree band, The Fervor (Louisville).

thesociety are also diligently at work on a still-untitled full-length follow-up to “Big Killing” that features a new version of “Just Me,” a fan favorite first recorded in 2005, plus seven of the band’s newest tunes, “Lawn Song,” “Kansas City,” “Never Rest,” “Wake Up!” “Tuesdays with Lori,” “Fill Spectre” and “Home.” Recorded in December in a single 11-hour recording session, the band has opted for a slower pace as it wades cautiously into the overdubage and mixaphonics processes. An August release date is anticipated.

As part of the their ongoing effort to turn on as many people as possible to their music, thesociety gladly welcome any and all assistance with respect to booking shows. If you or someone you know is in a position to help, thesociety want to hear from you!

Contact thesociety at, or

Mike Ashley: Guitar, vocals
Jeff Eakins: Guitar, vocals
Joe Eakins: Bass, vocals
Chris Ryan: Drums

Debut EP “.us” (pronounced "Dot Us")
Debut full-length “Big Killing” (3/31/2007)

*New 3-song EP, “Gas”


2005 Recordings

1 songs

Hey Marvin Master Final

Big Killing

4 songs

Clear Skies