Mr Marz & Max Fenix
Progressive music is rapidly making its way to the forefront of Hip Hop. theMartianz combine powerful and inspired lyrics mixed with carefully crafted beats using old and new school techniques with the clever musings of a modernized Outkast. Their rhymes revolve around everything on their agendas. “It’s lifestyle music; everything on my mind that day. I once woke up and wrote a song about my dream the previous night. Real emotion over dope beats and melodies” Rapper/producer Jack Marz (Keith Boyd) and rapper Max Fenix (Sidney Moore) grew up on opposite sides of Gary, Indiana. Both Marz and Fenix found themselves searching for a lane in this heavily industrialized city that often stands tall at the top of violent crime lists. The lack of a music scene posed as an issue until they decided to take their artistic musings into their own hands. theMartianz joined forces in college their freshman year at Indiana State University. The two quickly connected through a shared passion for an unconventional manner and an eclectic musical ear. Their influences range from Lupe Fiasco, The Clipse, Kanye West, Outkast, Kenna, Portis Head, and N.E.R.D. Jack Marz and Max Fenix never sacrifice their style and take serious pride in their swagger, finding a unique combination of thrift store jackets, exclusive kicks, and green jewelry. theMartianz have headlined concerts sponsored by Rokkstarr and Monster energy drinks with Indiana State University’s Phi Kappa Psi fraternity in addition to shows with Spotlight Entertainment. Other shows include Opening for G.O.O.D Music/ Universal recording artist GLC, 2011 Broad Ripple Music Festival, the Indiana Sneak Attack shows, Indiana University Little 500, and numerous bars & clubs across the mid west. Released October 31st of 2008, recorded in a sparse dorm room with limited resources and an abundance of beer and drugs, theMartianz liberated their first mix tape entitled “Spaceships and Beamz”. Setting the base for their alien sound they melded heavy beats, synthesizers, and obscure samples. With the moderate success of over 1000 promotional downloads and CDs with no outside funding, theMartianz stirred up the unsuspecting community and created a buzz in the region. Continuing the movement theMartianz have released several projects since their debut. The latest and most successful additions to their library "Mind Grenade II: Mass Appeal" & "Tipping the Scales: Wants" were released in 2011. theMartianz have a confident disposition on the future, a confidence through dedication. The duo finds value in “just improving ourselves and the world around us,” says Jack Marz. “Anyways, when did being yourself become so different?”



6 songs

God is Love
God is Love
Snakes in the Grass
Just For Fun (Bout that Life)
Lofti Cries Remix