The Delicious

Ben Fowler, David Woodruff, Matt Romy, Nick Romy, Julian Bransby

The Delicious sing of social and dietary anxiety.
The Delicious spin yarns of dramatic resurrection: wooing and courting soul-affirmation, the threat of vacuous failure and its resulting commodification heel-nipping the voyage. We are doomsday soothsaying with humorous overtones.

We’re also interested in sounds and vibrations that speak to their own nature in a monumental and spiritual sense. Imagine skeptics temporarily abandoning wrinkled brows to revel in a landscape of pure bliss, rendered as an overwhelmingly brilliant light, which they do their best to emulate and perpetuate. Similar to when you feel an amazing sound is coming out of you but soon discover something else is making the sound- except in this case, you really are the source! We shoot for that. Terrific. Accessible suburban-folk quirk-pop for a good time.
“[The Delicious] sled down an inverted bell curve, set things to song, set those things on fire, and put out the fire with song. They dine on corn-syrup and doubt their general contributions before being swept up in an inspirational swarm of mid-air high fives that gel, like many things that gel, leaving them suspended yet animated, poignantly, in suspended animation. There in the air, they consult a dictionary for the spelling of poignant and debate their tense.” 


The Delicious The Delicious

3 songs

Suspended In Air
Dearest Duchess
It's Not Time To Die

Postcard To My Sewing Circle

1 songs