The Cavelords

Munir Shah, Tommy O'Haver, Chris McHugh, Mr. Wade Orr, Todd Denkman, Kent Dyer, Will Sibley

First started around 1986-7 from what I can remember. I think the last show was springtime 1990 at Jakes at IU. Someone had to leave to join the Navy…

We managed to talk some of our friends who were taking studio recording classes at the IU School of Music, into recording us for free, so we got 5 songs done there: “Are you still there?”, “Reverend Howard”, “You burn me up”, “Girl with 12 fingers”, “Rasputin Rock” and “Thoughts pass my mind”.

All the other stuff was recorded usually with one of our friends holding up a cassette tape recorder during one of shows and not trying to spill beer into the mike. Looking back it may have been a good idea to have recorded more live shows, but oh well. We played various places around the Indiana and Ohio - Second Story, Blue Bird, Jakes, Bogarts, some places at Purdue that I can’t remember, but mostly parties at IU, for which we were usually paid in beer. The occasional frat house (and yes, I would call it that) would usually pay us in actual dollars, so that was nice. Hey we even got a song into a movie: Billy’s Hollywood Screen Kiss (1998, Tommy O’Haver director) – I wonder how we managed that!



2 songs

Are You Still There?
The Girl with 12 Fingers