Ted Giffin

Ted Giffin
Infamous creative lunatic sowing the seeds of his own demise throughout the State of Indiana for over 20 years


Run This Into the Dirt

13 songs

Mad Stalker
Sunny DAY Observation
Time Does Fly
Innerreact Interelate
Ash Memory Dust
Lucky Leo
12 Catch 22
Chocolate Covered Ice Cream Flowers
Dark November_
Stop Love
2 People Talkin without an Enviroment_
Tribute to Kurt
With My Luck

The Mammoth Collection of Trashing the Classics

42 songs

raspberry beret
Ticket to Ride_
Dont Bring Me Down elo cover
still in america (hollywood) cover
kiss off (violent femmes cover)
House of Un-American Blues Activity Dream_
Hard Rain's Gonna Fall
here comes a regular
Motherless Children (traditonal folk music)
Girls on Film
I'm In Love with a Girl ( big star cover)
Driver 8 (rem cover)
hold it kid (weeks cover)
It's Alright Ma, I'm Only Bleeding
Opinion (kurt cobain cover)
I am the Walrus-beatles cover 01
3 Imaginary Boys
oh darling_
I Won't Stand in Your Way_
Ground Control to Major Ted
Make Me Cry
spirit in the sky_
Between the Bars
Eminence Front
good day_
Heartbreak Hotel_
Elvis What Happened
dr robert_
Don't Dream It's Over
Blister in the Sun_
Waiting on a Friend_
I Shall Be Released
Make Me Cry
to die within your reach
one love_
Vienna Waits for you
Love Interruption
Black Hole Sun
Reel Around the Fountain_
Waitin 4 My Man
message in a bottle
Don't Think Twice

Your Schizoid Nightmare Companion Guidebook

16 songs

Rorschach Trance
Stay Shallow_
the Federal Resersve
FDR's New Deal_
a Gem in My Eyes_
Ain't Nothin Like a Dream
The Older I Get
Being a Happy Camper_
Familiar Sound
Whispers of Age 16_
Lie to Survive
Ramblin D Blues Instrumental #1
Urgent Monstrosity
Spring Rain_
Snap into Formation