Steve Boller

Steve Boller

Steve began singing and acting at a young age. At 14, he was gifted a guitar and was writing songs soon after. By age 17, he had recorded two albums out of his bedroom and racked up over 125,000 streams for his music on the at-the-time trendy social media site, Myspace. His early efforts were inspired by artists like Jason Mraz and Ben Folds.

He started to find his soulful pop style while studying music at Xavier University in Cincinnati, Ohio. Many hours spent singing in choirs, studying classical piano and Bossa Nova guitar techniques and even composing music for choir and string orchestra helped give Steve’s music its eclectic sound. Mraz and Folds continued to have a strong influence on his music, but new artists such as Eric Hutchinson and Regina Spektor and classic greats like Elliott Smith and Billy Preston were added to the mix.

After graduation, Steve moved back to the Indianapolis, Indiana area and began making a name for himself as a singer/songwriter on the local scene. Only July 30th 2016, Steve released his debut full length album "Let's Begin" with a full band performance at The Hi-Fi in Indy's trendy Fountain Square district. Produced by Jonathan Class, the album rose to #3 on the NoiseTrade singer/songwriter charts. Singles off the album are now gaining circulation on FM radio, internet radio and music blogs worldwide.



Old Recordings

7 songs

Life Seems True
While You're Growing Old (Acoustic)
Time's Melody
Change Something
Found My Way to You (Acoustic)
While You're Growing Old
Found My Way to You

Let's Begin (sampler)

4 songs

Never a Mistake
Take What You Need
Best I Can
Look Back On