Stealing from Thieves

Nick Walmer Past Members / Collaborators: Trevor Smith - bass , guitar and main vox and production on Lake Michigan (on You Tube, I lost my master copy) and verse vox and co-writing with Nick on Permanent Midnight and Welcome Mat with Dylan. Andrew M

Formed in 07 as The Chrome Leeches, metamorphasis in 07 again to We Are The Electric Grapevine.. many incarnations. At VGR met a drummer and wrote material that is unreleased , a few demos are floating out there, Purple Poppy Fields Forever, Silver Rain (a b-side from the ep0 grapevine takes) Many demos done during this period that were acoustic and un-released . 

Came up with the two EP idea for Stealing From Thieves in the fall.  We recorded fall break with a batch of songs, the oldest being "Lake Michigan " , "Stealing From Thieves" , and the newer tracks being "Underneath My Wing"  an acoustic song worked out in a dorm room and demo'd by Nick at home completely before recording., and A side "Heaver Than The Sun" which was basically co-produced by Travis Harvey of the lovely Village Green Records.

The first EP being tracked in the fall left Eric Green a space in time in which he could mix it.  He made it sound great, polished it up really nice and knows how I like it.  He worked on my first solo album and we've played off and on for years.  Great guy.  The second EP was sent to him but never mixed.