Sphie along with other rotating musical collaborations.


Stephanie Holman, mononymously known as Sphie, was born September 11, 1984. Sphie intertwines an eclectic blend of soul, indie and pop mixed with operatic undertones. At age eight, she announced in career week that she was going to be a singer. It was while studying vocal performance at a private music college in the Twin Cities that she began recording and songwriting. She recorded her first E.P. Existentially Challenged, which was an acoustic project recorded by house and techno artist Jacob Hoffman.

In 2007, Sphie sold most of her possessions and set off across the country on an unstructured journey of the soul. For over five years, she immersed into many different demographics, bio-regions and found herself in many diverse adventures. In spring of 2012, Sphie landed in Los Angeles to record her first full-length album, Listen to Pretty Music and Let Your Soul Shine. Produced and mastered by Los Angeles producer Shygone, the album reflects vivid lyricism and haunting melody lines directed at motivating self-empowerment and conscious awareness to the listener. Released in April 2012, singles on Listen to Pretty Music include “Bounce in My Step,” “Glint of Spring,” and “Pig Ears N’ Honey.”

In late 2012, Sphie began working on a solo release titled, Re:Revolution. The project, originally intended as a five song E.P. was instead released as two singles. The singles, titled, “Music in the Movement” and “Fun’s in the Fallin” were released digitally. A video project for “Music in the Movement” was released nearly a year later in the fall of 2013.

In the summer of 2012, Sphie began writing songs for a second full length album, “Love is the Answer.” The songs reflect her five month escapade in Northern Montana. With no running water and no electricity, Sphie spent the summer writing in a one-room cabin near the Canadian Border.  The album features singles such as “Without Any Lights On” and the self-titled track, "Love is the Answer." 

Sphie, when not singing, writing and performing, can be found in various communities nationwide teaching yoga and meditation, dance and the limitless experience of the human soul. She is now in process of releasing her first self-produced E.P. titled, “Halo.”


Love Will Heal This World

2 songs

02 Without Any Lights On
04 Come And Get Me


3 songs

Music in the Movement
Bounce in My Step
Fun's in the Falling