The Skyline Social

Isaac Vining - Lead Evan Ferrell - Lead Guitar Caleb Scott - Bass Clark Wright - Rhythm Bass Noah Gilliom - Drums
The Indiana based band "The Skyline Social" began in 2008 when Isaac Vining and close friend Marshall Stutzman just couldn't stand the idea of not playing pop-punk music any longer. They realized that even though they lacked the ability to write clever lyrics and the talent to sing, it was totally okay because, hey, this is pop-punk music. Skyline's first record "America Is Our Girlfriend" was written during those highschool days, but not recorded until 5 years later in the fall of 2013. Their sophomore record entitled "Yeah" was released early 2014 after a long tour across Europe. Despite the thing about touring Europe being a total lie, "Radio Song" is the best song ever and Switchfoot played it. Not joking.



4 songs

Stupid Girl
Hipster Music (Soapy Ice Part 2)
01 Stupid Girl
You Belong With Me