Sins of Alchemy

Kyle Turpin, Travis James, Ben Feller, Ryan Guzman, Dale Fowler

"In a world plagued by uncertainty, religious tirade, and manipulation by unseen forces, we, the Alchemists of Eversmoore, pursued a quest: a journey through the very depths of the human soul to conquer the final frontiers of the human mind and spirit. Our experiments proved much more wildly successful than we could have ever imagined as we became entrapped by our extrication of the greatest mystery of all. These are the sins of our alchemy…"

Sins of Alchemy is a 5 piece progressive rock/acid metal concept band hot on the release of their first studio EP, Onward to Madness. They regularly evade simple musical description, but have been likened to The Mars Volta, Coheed and Cambria, Chiodos, Shaolin Death Squad, Brazil, Pink Floyd, and Between the Buried and Me, just to name a few. Ranging from ethereal melodies to brutal breakdowns, highly experimental theatrical barrages of sound to punchy dance-inducing choruses, Sins of Alchemy provides something completely different, yet oddly familiar to anyone interested in the recent developments of rock music.


Onward to Madness

6 songs

A Sincere Letter Titled "They Won't Make It"
So the Sky Does Bleed
The Prince of Cats
{You Cutthroats!}
Show Them Mercy?!
Daughters of Deception