Scourgin' Zombies

J Richter (vocals), Shayne Wray (guitar), Jim Walker (bass), Rob Hampel (drums 1988-1989) & John Crowder (drums 1989-1991)
Scourgin’ Zombies were formed in West Central Indiana in the summer of 1988. The lineup consisted of J Richter (vocals), Shayne Wray (guitar), Jim Walker (bass) & Rob Hampel (drums). After six months of rigorous writing & rehearsal, the band began performing live in January of 1989. This also precipitated the dismissal of Hampel several months later, with John Crowder stepping into his place full-time. Over the next two years, the band performed all over the region, building upon its reputation as a multifaceted crossover infused thrash act. Sharing stages with acts like Sanctuary, Demolition Hammer, Devastation, Malevolent Creation, Bombshell, Life Sentence, Impulse Manslaughter & Toxic Reasons only furthered the band’s visibility. In this span of time, an EP was recorded at Hit City Studios under the helm of former Zero Boys frontman & renowned uber producer, Paul Mahern. Upon its release, the three song cassette generated radio airplay all over the country, as well as attracting the attention of numerous metal record labels. The band later began sessions for their full-length followup in September of 1990, under the guidance of famed punk producer, Mass Giorgini. With internal fighting beginning to emerge, the band’s foundations were beginning to crack. Sessions were plagued with tense standoffs between members over creative direction & future plans. Upon the prospect of joining Toxic Reasons & Raw Power for a tour of Europe, Crowder left the band & Scourgin’ Zombies were essentially dead in the water.