Reed Four

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Reed Four is a 90's inspired indie alternative rock band from southwestern Indiana founded in December 2013 by band members Andria Reed, Joe Vowels, Josh Case, and Matthew Hyneman. Those familiar with the sounds of Pixies, Radiohead, The Joy Formidable, and Alabama Shakes will feel right at home with Reed Four.


Staying true to indie form, Reed Four self released their melodramatic debut concept album "Bedford to Bellemeade" worldwide on September 24th of 2016. Throughout the following year, they released music videos for three singles off of the album; "Old Piano", "How I Feel for Me", and "Drive". Each music video was purposefully crafted to connect and play out as a short film when viewed in sequential order. Every member of the band had a small cameo in the music video for "Old Piano". The music video for the final single "How I Feel for Me" was released on December 13th of 2017 marking closure for the "Bedford to Bellemeade" project.

"Bedford to Bellemeade" is loaded with "emotionally-charged, indie rock melodramas"..."that confronts life's struggles head on." - Tommy Ellis, News4U Magazine

What is clear about Reed Four is their sound and invitation for interpretation. Their music video trilogy ends on beautiful vocalization and personal unity." - Kayla Carmicheal, Indie Band Guru Music Blog

Since Reed Four's debut they have appeared for studio performances on TV, radio stations, and have also had tracks from their debut album featured on radio station playlists throughout the US.

In spring 2018 the band returned to the studio working on Reed Four's next musical project. During this time they became involved with the soundtrack for the indie film Morbid Colors eventually having their newest single featured prominently in the second trailer for the film on July 1st of 2019. Shortly after the trailer release, the band released the single "Cocoon (Theatrical)" on July 26th of 2019. The film is expected to be released late 2019


Morbid Colors Soundtrack

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Reed Four - Cocoon (Theatrical)

Bedford to Bellemeade

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Old Piano
How I Feel for Me